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Roof Mounted Carrier for Your Car, SUVs, Minivans, and Station Wagons.

Our Single Roof Mounted Bike Racks come with the hardware to fit your current Roof Rack.

The roof mounted carriers below attach to a vehicle's already existing crossbars that are found on many domestic and foreign automobiles.  This reduces the total cost of your roof mounted bike rack.  Please note that domestic, foreign and aftermarket crossbars have a different profile.  We have a rack and the hardware to fit the different profiles for an easy installation and different colors for a stylish look.  Most of our carriers use a 9mm fork-mount that clamps onto the bike's front-wheel fork.  There are two exceptions, the JawBridge which is an upright mount that does not require the removal of the front wheel and the Stinger which is a hitch mounted carrier.

A sedan can hold four bikes, a large van could hold as many as seven.  Most of the racks can be fitted with a lock and all the locks can be keyed the same.

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Euro PitchFork (SKU: 1109)Euro PitchFork (SKU: 1109)
JawBridge (SKU: 0412)JawBridge (SKU: 0412)
Lariat 9MM (SKU: 0518)Lariat 9MM (SKU: 0518)
Noose 9MM (SKU: 0654)Noose 9MM (SKU: 0654)
PitchFork (SKU: 0434)PitchFork (SKU: 0434)
Stinger 1.25'' (SKU: 1-1046)Stinger 1.25'' (SKU: 1-1046)
Tandem Mount R4 (SKU: 0512)Tandem Mount R4 (SKU: 0512)
TieRod (SKU: 1028)TieRod (SKU: 1028)
Vagabond (SKU: V101)Vagabond (SKU: V101)
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