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Bike Racks, Traditional and Platform Styles

Browse Our Exceptional Selection of Racks That Carry Two Bikes in Your Trailer Hitch or The Bed of Your Pick-up Truck.

At the customers always come first. The hitch mounted bike racks we offer easily fit into a 1.25 and 2 inch hitch receiver and are made of the highest quality materials. Designed with weight, durability, and ease of use in mind for your car, truck, or sport utility vehicle to last a lifetime. We want your time spent riding your bike, so these carriers make loading and unloading your bike easy.  Find a rack below that best fits your needs.

There are a few advantages to using a hitch mounted bike carrier.  They alleviate overhead clearance issues associated with roof mounted rack and are easier to load.  Our racks do not require removal of  the saddle or front wheel.  Racks are easy to install--just slide it into the hitch, some racks weigh as little as 13 pounds!  All come with anti-sway technology to secure the bike to the rack and provide comfortable clearance between each bike. Our racks are designed to fit any size bike or tire width, most racks have a tilt feature allowing easier access, and we carry all the rack mounting hardware and accessories you'll need.

When you're seeking affordability, look no further than

Shop with confidence here knowing we pride ourselves on our expert craftsmanship, low prices, fast and safe shipping times, secure transactions, and priority attention given to all our customers.

Shop our exceptional selection now!

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Baja 2 (SKU: B2)Baja 2 (SKU: B2)
Belgian (SKU: 1-1111)Belgian (SKU: 1-1111)
Beta (SKU: 003)Beta (SKU: 003)
Cavalcade (SKU: 005)Cavalcade (SKU: 005)
Commuter (SKU: HR2500)Commuter (SKU: HR2500)
Duopod 2'' (SKU: 1-1049)Duopod 2'' (SKU: 1-1049)
Expedition 2 (SKU: F6-2)Expedition 2 (SKU: F6-2)
Express 2 (SKU: E2)Express 2 (SKU: E2)
Gordo (SKU: G2)Gordo (SKU: G2)
NV (SKU: 002)NV (SKU: 002)
NV Core (SKU: N104)NV Core (SKU: N104)
Sherpa (SKU: 001)Sherpa (SKU: 001)
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